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COUNCIL MEETING 02/25/19 (2019-2020 Budget, CPD Computer Voice Stress Analysis Machine, Marijuana Ordinances)
Report by Angie Talken, CT 02 28 19

The Chillicothe City Council and administrative team has been hard at work on the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 budget. Mayor Reed Dupy said city department heads turned in their budget requests to Darin Chappell, city administrator, and Theresa Kelly, city auditor, several weeks ago and the pair has been working hard to craft the 2019-2020 budget since then. "They will have a rough draft of the budget to present at the March 11 city council meeting." While the budget has to be completed by April 1 for the start of the new fiscal year, Dupy expected a completed budget to be submitted to the council during the March 25 meeting.

During the Feb. 25 council meeting the council unanimously approved the purchase of a Computer Voice Stress Analysis machine for the police department. Police Chief Jon Maples said this is much like lie detector test, as the results are not admissible in court. The used equipment will cost the police department $4,995. Dupy said the department had some money in general funds that will allow for the purchase of the unit. If not, the council is willing to amend the budget to ensure the purchase can be made. One officer will attend a five-day training to become certified to use the equipment for questioning.

The council also held their first in-depth discussion over possible new marijuana ordinances and zoning needs due to the passage of Amendment 2 by voters in the state in November 2018. Dupy noted that the state was still working to figure out certain regulations, and those would influence how cities established their own regulations. "We are looking at zoning restrictions mainly at this point," Dupy said. "That alone is going to be a lengthy process depending on what the state says we can and cannot do." The city council can pass ordinances or laws regulating the time, place, and manner in which the facilities are run but cannot pass any regulations that will hinder any part of the state law. During the Nov. 6, 2018, general election, Amendment 2 got 65.54 percent of total votes cast in the state of Missouri; 54.18 percent of Livingston County voters cast their ballot to pass Amendment 2.

Maples also introduced three new employees of the Chillicothe Police Department. The council previously approved the hiring of Brian Schmidt as a part-time police officer and dispatchers, Kaylee Ramsey and Caitlin Howard.

CT Photos / Jody Weir

Caitlin Howell, Dispatcher Officer Brian Schmidt Kaylee Ramsey, Dispatcher

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