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COUNCIL MEETING 06 24 19 (Sale of 6.6 acres, Engineering Addendum, GHGC Equipment, Simpson Park Play Area)

At Monday night's regularly scheduled Chillicothe City Council meeting, the council discussed and approved an engineering addendum for street projects, approved the sale of 6.6 acres in the industrial park, and approved the purchase of new equipment for the Green Hills Golf Course.

With a vote of 4-0, and one abscencsion the council approved an engineering addendum for street projects in Chillicothe. The changes are to the original contract with Allgeier Martin & Associates in regard to Cowgill and Walnut Street projects. The addudum now allows an engineer who will be on-site during the Cowgill and Walnut Street projects to also survey and do other work for future roadway work on South Mitchell Avenue. The cost of the inspection services remains the same and will cost the city no more than $135,000. The new contract states the work that the engineer will do on South Mitchell Avenue includes providing "at topographic survey for the future design of South Mitchell Road." The survey will include: the area starting at the intersection of Ryan Lane and Mitchell Avenue and north approximately 1630 feet to the railroad tracks; identification of utility and property lines; a drainage survey. The work done by the engineer to survey Mitchell Avenue will occur during gaps in time when their services are not required at the Cowgill and Walnut Street project location.

The council also discussed the need for new mowers at the Green Hills golf Course. Darin Chappell, city administrator, told the council that the current equipment was not doing an adequate job and needed to be replaced. The city agreed to purchase one new diesel large area rough mower and two new triplex green mowers for Green Hills Golf Course in the amount of $119,750. The bid also allows for a trade-in value of $38,500 for other aged equipment, and the replacement of a blown motor, for free, valued at $16,000. The cost to the city for the three new mowers will be $81,250; the council also approved nearly $66,000 from the sale of land in the industrial park to be put toward the cost of the mower. Only one bid was submitted for the equipment.

The council also approved the sale the 6.6 acres of land in the industrial park located at 716 and 720 Mitchell to Chillicothe Development, Inc. for $66,000. The property sits behind SkillPath properties and will be home to a new warehouse for Sonoco Plastics. Tom Ashbrook, councilman at large, made the motion for the sale, which was seconded by Pam Jarding, Fourth Ward councilperson, and was approved by the full council with a vote of 5-0.

During a finance meeting before the regular council meeting, members heard a presentation by Lou Cowherd and Friends of the Park in regard to proposed changes at the Simpson Park play area. During the regular council meeting, Mayor Theresa Kelly amended the agenda to include a vote on a proposed financial commitment to the project in 2020. The council voted 5-0 to pledge 25 percent of the estimated costs of the park project to allow the group to begin fundraising while having a commitment from the city. >> Read More Here... 

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