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Training Day
Local law enforcement, first responders participate in active shooter scenario exercise
By Jaime Saucedo, 05/26/17 C-T

On Thursday morning, May 25, 2017, members of the Chillicothe Police Department, Livingston County Sheriff's Department, Missouri State Troopers, Chillicothe Fire Department and EMS coordinated to participate in an "Active Shooter Scenario" exercise with the help of some of the Chillicothe High School staff and students. "We wanted to make sure that everybody could come together," said the R-2 District Resource Officer, Mike Lewis, who is a member of the Livingston County Sheriff's Department. "In a real situation, we are all concerned about the safety of the community, so we wanted to see how we can combine to work as one team, to secure the threat."

C-T Photo / Jaime Saucedo

The procedure for the exercise was to eliminate the threat, secure the facility and evacuate the building. The CHS staff and students participated as actors to intensify the theatrics of the exercise. Some were dressed in make-up created wounds and laid around the building, as victims. Others followed protocols that require staff and students to lock themselves in their rooms until the police secure the facility for evacuation. "We've done walk throughs in the school before," said Lewis, "but we got to go full speed through a high stress situation and that experience is invaluable."

Wave after wave, responders exercised their protocols and procedures in a crisis situation. First officers, then tactical team, then EMS tended to the wounded. From start to finish, the exercise took approximately 49 minutes to enter the scene and evacuate the building. "I think it was a success," said Lewis, "but I would have liked to have had more students involved, to make it a little more realistic."

The people credited with working on producing this exercise over the last few months are Jon Maples, Michael Claypole, Darrell Wright, Cindy Hanavan, Jacob Peterson and Mike Lewis.

CAPTION: All three local law enforcement departments had to work together, with EMS and fire department in the Active Shooter Scenario exercise. Together, it took 49 minutes to secure the threat, the facility and evacuate the building.

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