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City Buys Rescue Unit for Fire Department; Replaces 1997 Model
April 30 2013 CT

The Chillicothe Fire Department has purchased a 2014 Rosenbauer Rescue unit. The unit is on a Freightliner 4X4 chassis.

City council members approved the purchase in the amount of $364,987 during their regular meeting Monday evening at City Hall. This truck will replace a 1997 one-ton rescue truck. Delivery of the new truck is expected in April 2014, according to Fire Chief Darrell Wright.

The truck has a Rosenbauer rear mount NH (Normal/High) pressure PTO pump with automatic primer and high pressure foam system, 300 gallon water tank, and 12 gallon foam cell, 15 KW "Smart Power Liberator" XRT generator/rescue tool system, two front bumper hydraulic rescue tool (100-feet) reels, all LED lighting, ROM roll up doors, pull out trays, air bag storage, tool boards, stokes basket, Little Giant Ladder storage, and two Respond Ready tool boxes.

It also has the Rosenbauer EZ Climb rear access ladder to upper coffin compartments, two wheel well speed dry storage compartments, two SCBA bottle wheel well storage, two 200-feet electric cord reels, a 100-foot air cord reel, two LED tripod lights, a Knight KL450 Command Light, and wireless portable Warn 9500-pound winch with four receivers around the body.

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