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Fire Department Training


Firefighters with the Chillicothe Fire Department tested different "jaws-of-life" brands this morning (Tuesday) on demolished cars, behind the Chillicothe R-2 bus barn. Per Fire Chief Darrell Wright, the department recently had a breakdown with a piece of their current equipment, and they are testing several brands to pick the best fit for them. The firefighters were also taking tips Tuesday from the companies to improve their usage technique.

Fire Training Trailer

The Missouri Region B Mobile Live Fire Training trailer was set up across from the Chillicothe Fire Department building (in the parking lot of the Calvary Baptist Church, Chillicothe) all of Saturday (October 13). Earlier in the day, demonstrations of training exercises were delayed because of rainfall. However, later Saturday afternoon, members of the Chillicothe Fire Department were active participants in the demonstrations, which drew small crowds of onlookers.


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