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PATCH Settles Into New Prison
Wednesday, June 24, 2009, C-T

Lou Cowherd, president of the PATCH Board of Directors, has announced that Barb Burton has been hired as director for PATCH. Burton is a former executive director of the Chillicothe Area Chamber of Commerce and a former human development specialist with the University of Missouri Extension. “The PATCH board of directors is delighted to have Barb Burton as our new director,” Cowherd said. “She brings energy, enthusiasm, new ideas and a commitment to excellence to our organization.”

Since PATCH receives no funding from the Missouri Department of Corrections and the increased number of offenders in the new prison will most likely increase the visit requests, Burton’s ability to raise funds to continue and even expand the program will be critical to the fulfillment of PATCH’s mission in the future. “Our long-time director, Coleen Scott, has been extremely tenacious and committed to the mission of PATCH for over 20 years and we are so pleased that she will continue to work for PATCH as our visit coordinator,” Cowherd said.

PATCH — Parents And Their Children — is a not for profit organization dedicated to the children of mothers in prison at Chillicothe Correctional Center. PATCH provides services to help keep the connection between the children and their mothers and strengthen the relationship while they are separated during incarceration. For more information about the Chillicothe Correctional Center's PATCH program, visit their web site at

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