Large water supply benefits the city (34041 bytes) Water, sanitation, and electrical services are available through the Chillicothe Municipal Utilities, with FEC Companies providing services to rural customers. Missouri Public Service is a natural gas supplier. Customer service and community betterment are top priority for the municipal services department. New electrical services are installed underground to enhance community appearance, the method used with the recent placement of the street lights downtown.

The Municipal Utilities co-sponsors the Chillicothe Dollars Program, which promotes investing resources in Chillicothe, thus reaping the benefit of customer discounts. The Municipal Utilities sponsor periodic coupons entitling recipients to a discount when purchasing goods and services within the city at participating Chamber member businesses.


Chillicothe Police DepartmentOur state-of-the-art facility (8050 bytes)

The Chillicothe Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency responsible for all law enforcement, traffic safety and crime prevention services in the City of Chillicothe. The Department has an authorized strength of 15 sworn officers, five 911 emergency communications officers, one office manager, and one additional records clerk.

The department operates out of a relatively new, state of the art, small city police facility that features modern security elements, a new E-911 emergency communications center, and a progressive and highly accountable property and evidence system. In addition, the facility provides more than adequate interview andFive dispatchers take your 9-1-1 calls (8547 bytes)interrogation space with audio and video capabilities. The department's reporting system is fully computerized and future updates include laptop computers for our vehicles and new video systems.

Uniformed police officers (13204 bytes)Chillicothe police officers are some of the best trained officers in this part of the state and with our affiliation at a number of training outlets, our officers are consistently updating their skills and knowledge in this ever changing environment.

The department is managed by a Director of Law Enforcement Services. You may contact the department by calling toll free 1-877-646-2185.

Chillicothe Police Officer (13854 bytes)Police Officers and police department employees are expected to protect and to serve the public as part of their duty; but, sometimes, an officer or dispatcher may go that "extra mile." A thank you is always appreciated, but you may not feel that is enough to show your appreciation. If you think an officer or department employee merits special recognition, please email us at Likewise, if you have a complaint or concern you wish to discuss with our department, we would also like to hear from you. We take pride in serving you.


Modern Ambulance Service (8437 bytes)Chillicothe Ambulance District

Citizens of Chillicothe are protected by 18 full-time employees including 7 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and 10 on-staff Paramedics with four ambulances that cover Emergency Medical Response for all of Livingston county. Joe Rinehart rounds out the full-time staff as Director. In addition, 12 individuals are paid per call made and work only on a part-time, as-needed basis. Advanced life support is provided in each ambulance. The ambulances are housed with the fire trucks at the Fire Station on 700 Second Street, Chillicothe. Emergency calls are taken via the Enhanced 9-1-1 system. Non-emergency calls can be directed to 660-646-2332.


Our emergency personnel conduct public safety fairs (18349 bytes)


Experienced Firefighters (18085 bytes)The Chillicothe Fire Department caters to the city's fire protection with their rescue vehicle and three fire trucks. All firefighters are 1 or 2 certified. The fire department, along with the Fire Protection Safety Council, promotes National Fire Prevention Safety Week. During this time, firefighters teach students and other community members many ways to avoid fire hazards. Citizens dial 9-1-1 to report firest. Non-emergency calls should be directed to 660-646-2139.  For more information, Fire Prevention October 8, 2002 (C-T photo) (11429 bytes)visit the Chillicothe Emergency Services web page.






The Rural Fire Protection District provides fire protection to persons residing outside the corporate limits of the city and within a 10-mile radius of Chillicothe. Rural Fire Truck and Board Members (13124 bytes)Members pay yearly dues of $80 for each residence on the property. All farm equipment, barns, and outbuildings on contiguous property are covered under the membership, but a separate membership is required if a major road or other property interrupts the contiguous line. Board members for 2000 are: Ed Daugherty, Chairman; Mike Bonderer, Vice Chairman; Steve Whiteside; Larry Fellhoelter; and R. Duane Smith. Brenda Fellhoelter is the new Secretary/Treasurer, replacing Mary Pat Whiteside after a six-year term. The fire truck (pictured at left with the Board members) is a 1995 Pierce and is housed in the city fire station. Members simply dial 9-1-1 to request emergency service. For more information about membership, visit their web site, write to P.O. Box 432, call 646-3094, or email Brenda.


Gil Gates, Zoning Administrator, has a long list of duties and services that Gil Gates, Zoning Administrator (10482 bytes)he provides to the community of Chillicothe. These include:  Zoning Administrator, Flood Plain Administrator, and Building Inspector. He also reviews construction drawings and applications for new buildings, and enforces zoning, building, and health codes for the city of Chillicothe.  Or, as he jokingly said, "All the things that no one else wants to do."  Mr. Gates is certified in BOCA through the State Fire Marshall's Office and is the Zoning Administrator over the Planning and Zoning Commission of Chillicothe. He has lived in Chillicothe all his life and is a graduate of Chillicothe High School.  He has also obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Northwest Missouri State University.


Hugh Musselman, Street Superintendent (10000 bytes)Hugh Musselman serves as Chillicothe's Street Superintendent. He oversees the day-to-day maintenance of 75 miles of roadway withinStreet Resurfacing Project August, 2002 (16805 bytes) the City of Chillicothe, supervises construction projects, and directs the purchasing of land for the Street Department.

Mr. Musselman is also the liaison between Chillicothe's City Council, the Mayor, and the public. Mr. Musselman has been employed by Chillicothe since 1984, working for the past several years as Street Superintendent.



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