Fall 2022 Chip and Seal Project

2022 Fall Chip and Seal Project

Chip and Seal Project

Fall 2022


Chip Seal operations on several Chillicothe streets will begin soon.  The street department will be notifying those residents who will be affected.  We ask that you please have all vehicles off the streets.  Once the chip and seal is put into place, it can be driven on immediately.

The list of streets below for Chip and Seal includes 28 segments and the date they anticipate they will be working on them (weather pending):

Section #1 Oct 21st, Oct 24 st, Oct  25 th

Walnut from Jackson to Webster

Fairway from Fair to Washington

Country Club Drive from Fairway to Dorney

Dorney from Deringer to Country Club Drive

Borden from Dorney to Lambert

Fair from Dorney to Lambert

Forest from Irving to Windle

Windle from Walnut to Fair

Springhill from Edgewood to Miller

Edgewood from Polk to the Cemetery

Miller from Polk to Springhill

Tomahawk from Broken Arrow to Mohawk

Section #2 Oct 25th, Oct 26th, Oct 27 th

Clay from Martin to Boehner

Clay from Martin to Reynard

Boehner from Clay to Webster

Peacher from Clay to Webster

Webster from Jansen to Grandview

Webster from Peacher to Walnut

Woodrow from 3rd to Crescent

Hickory from third to the railroad tracks

Second from Washington to Wilson

Section # 3  Oct 26th, Oct 27th, & Oct 28th.

Webster from Vine to the railroad tracks

Fair from Washington to Wilson

Green from Samuel to the west end.

Commercial from Bridge to Jackson

East Street from Polk to Jackson

JFK from Comstock to Locust

And Eleventh from Elm to Trenton Street.