Livingston County Health Center

Covid Variants

One of the characteristics of both the Alpha (U.K.) and Delta (Indian) variants of COVID-19 is that proportionately, younger age groups are most affected.It is easy to see this in our own local cases over the month of May. The highest ranking age group was 31-40 years old, followed by the 11-20 year old group.

Another difference is that some, not all, younger people are getting very sick, when at the beginning of the pandemic, many had mild or asymptomatic cases.While we are still learning about these new variants and what differences they have from the original wild virus, the methods of preventing the spread of the virus haven't changed.

If we want to move forward into the summer with some control over this surge, it's going to take everyone avoiding crowds, wearing a mask in public, staying home if you are sick and FOLLOWING QUARANTING IF YOU TEST POSITIVE.