Mills Park -Home of the Tina Mapel Memorial Dog Park

Welcome to Mills Park in Chillicothe, Missouri Home of the Tina Mapel Memorial Dog Park

Mills park, located a block west of Clay Street Park, is the smallest park in our system. Consisting of approximately one acre of land, the park has a dog park, playground area, and open ground for children to play.

The park land was acquired in 1958.

The park is also the site of the Parks and Recreation Department's tree nursery.

The Tina Mapel Memorial Dog Park is located at Mills Park, which is at the corner of Boehner and Clay street and sits on about an acre of land. This land is fenced in, in two separate sections. One section is fenced off for small dogs and another section is fenced off for larger dogs. Some classes at the Grand River Technical School have made the park play equipment for the dogs. This equipment includes an A-frame walk up, a teeter-totter and various ramps, a tunnel walk and weave posts, along with small dog play equipment. Rules for the park are posted. Water fountains (including a spout for humans and a spout for dogs) and benches (there are ten benches total) are available. A concrete sidewalk leads to the park. A memorial plaque in memory of Tina was put up in the Spring of 2015. The plaque was donated by the Mapel family. Plans are being made to upgrade playground equipment for kids outside the dog park area.