City Murals

City Mural
Downtown Murals

Chillicothe's outdoor murals, mounted on buildings throughout the commercial district, tell a story around every corner of this historic downtown. Each one transports the viewer into a by-gone era and celebrates an important part of the town's rich history and heritage. The larger-than-life, breath-taking murals include tell the visual story of trains, automobiles, a brick factory, a business college, a retailer, a bank, a fire brigade, a dairy, and many streetscapes. The Mural Tour may be conducted by tour guides or self-guided. Tours take place almost daily throughout the season, sometimes on foot, sometimes in cars or motor coaches. 

Chillicothe's mural project came about as a joint effort among the city, the Rotary Foundation, and Chillicothe Development Corporation. The Rotary Foundation's goal is that all murals have historical significance based on events in the Chillicothe area. Their goal is supported by Main Street Chillicothe, which is funded through CDC and the visitor's bureau. 

Along with each mural is a short narrative explaining the mural and its connection to the community. The murals provide a pictorial record of our history. A committee has been formed to address the role of murals in Chillicothe and choose future projects. The committee consists of Main Street and Rotary Foundation personnel, members of the Grand River Historical Society, and other community members interested in the project.